Data Visualization: Things Lost (But not Found Yet) on NYC Subway

The dataset we decided to use to conduct data visualization was New York City Transit Authority’s dataset called Things lost (and not yet found) on the New York subway. The dataset has various categories, such as clothing, electronics, and medical equipment, and every row represents a date. It keeps track of how many total items are lost based on their category and what the daily change is for over a year in 2014/2015. Interestingly, enough, one of those phones in the dataset is probably mine. It is a data visualization as part of the courseworks for Emory CS 485 HCI course. I designed the visualizations together with my teammates Amanda Chu, Siyan Pu, and Kunal Suri.

By utilizing Tableau and JavaScript, our group has produced a website containing the three diagrams for analysis and one sophisticated persuasion technique for the dataset.

Check out the design process of the Data Visualization:

Check out the demo video:

Check out the actual Data analysis!

Data Visualization | NYC Subway

Designer ☆ Yijun Liu

Developer ☆ Yijun Liu

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