Redesigning MARTA Mobile App for Children from Age 8–12

MATRA, Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority, is the principal public transport operator in the Atlanta metropolitan area. In this design project, I redesigned the MATRA app for a specific user group: children aged from 8 to 12 with my group. It is a digital prototype via Figma as part of the courseworks for Emory CS 485 HCI course. I redesigned this app together with my teammates Clarence Jiang, Sophie Kaplan, and Carol Tang.

We redesigned the MATRA app twice for the same user group. After the class feedback and heurstic evaluation, we redesigned the re-designed MATRA app again.

Check out the design process of first MATRA Redesign:

Check out the design process of second MATRA Redesign:
Check out our Figma Design:

...and our Final Figma Prototype Presentation:

Designer ☆ Yijun Liu

Developer ☆ Yijun Liu

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