“The Chair” in MATRA for Children Aged 8–12

"The Chair" is a specially designed chair for children aged 8-12 in MATRA. It is kid-friendly in terms of heights and it has a reminding system to remind children to leave MATRA when reach the destination. It is a physical prototype as part of the courseworks for Emory CS 485 HCI course. I designed this physical prototype together with my teammates Clarence Jiang, Sophie Kaplan, and Carol Tang.

“The Chair” meets design goals in 1. reminding children to get off MATRA when reaching their destination; 2. providing comfort for children while riding; 3. helping them in looking at the map and find directions.

Check out the design process of "The Chair":

Check out the demo video:

Designer ☆ Yijun Liu

Developer ☆ Yijun Liu

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